Booking accommodation

Accommodation will have to be booked separately from registration. A range of hotels in the centre of Newcastle can be booked using the following link:

Each of the hotels in question is very close to the central Railway station in Newcastle. To get to the conference venue from each is only a short walk (under 1 mile).

You could also use the Metro – Central Station to Hayemarket (where you would need to get off for the university) is only two stops.

It should be noted that Newcastle also has a range of hotels at various prices in the city centre.

Conference venue: Both ERRG and the Colloquium are being held in Newcastle’s ‘Research Beehive’. This is building no. 25 on this map:

If you are walking from the railway station you will approach campus via Northumberland Street (the main shopping street in Newcastle). Hayemarket metro station will be on your left as you reach the top. You will then have to cross the road (Church of St. Thomas the Martyr will be directly in front of you) and then cross a dual carriageway to access campus. The main pedestrian route into campus is next to the campus coffee shop (which is in turn next to Blackwells). If you keep walking straight on the pedestrian route, you will go through an archway into a quad (the Armstrong Building will be on your left). After 100 metres or so you will come to the Percy Building. Here you should turn right down a flight of stairs towards the Courtyard Restaurant (on your right). The Research Beehive is in this building. In total, the Research Beehive is less than a 5 minute walk from Northumberland Street.


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